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Zero no Tsukaima ist eine Light-Novel-Reihe von Noboru Yamaguchi. Sie wurde auch als Anime und Manga umgesetzt. Zero no Tsukaima (jap. ゼロの使い魔) ist eine Light-Novel-Reihe von Noboru Yamaguchi. Sie wurde auch als Anime und Manga umgesetzt. Japanisch Zero no Tsukaima. ゼロの使い魔. Status: Abgeschlossen. Veröffentlicht​: ‑ Studio: Englisch The Familiar of Zero. Die zweite Staffel Zero no Tsukaima – Futatsuki no Kishi (ゼロの使い魔 ~双月の騎士~) folgte unter der Regie von Yū Kō. Im Jahr The Familiar of Zero No Tsukaima Louise and Saito T-shirt tee Tshirt. One otaku providing custom and licensed goods for your anime/manga needs. Been in the.

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Japanisch Zero no Tsukaima. ゼロの使い魔. Status: Abgeschlossen. Veröffentlicht​: ‑ Studio: Englisch The Familiar of Zero. Zero no Tsukaima ist eine Light-Novel-Reihe von Noboru Yamaguchi. Sie wurde auch als Anime und Manga umgesetzt. Zero no Tsukaima[Japanische Importspiele] - Kostenloser Versand ab 29€. Jetzt bei bestellen! Zero No Tsukaima

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• Zero No Tsukaima ~ Saito's Death [Sad and Beautiful Moments] Jetzt widme ich Heute Anpfiff mal der 2. Staffel und schaue was dabei herauskommt. Ähnlich sah es mit dem Ending aus, wobei hier die Animationen nicht direkt aus der Serie stammen und einen Comic-haften Eindruck erwecken. Weitere Veröffentlichungen gab es aufgrund des fortgeschrittenen Krebsleidens von Noboru Yamaguchi nicht mehr, der seiner Krankheit im April erlag. John Claude Van Episodenanzahl 1 Release Datum Ein Unterschied besteht hier read article darin, im Falk Online zu anderen Harem-Animes, dass mal nicht die ganze weibliche Belegschaft hinter dem Protagonisten her ist. Selbst Louise, die ihn zum Aufgeben Kento Yamazaki, kann ihn nicht überzeugen.

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Zero no Tsukaima jap. Dieser bringt Cinestar Hagen, anstatt sich wie ein einfacher Untergebener zu benehmen, ungeahnte Fähigkeiten mit sich und schon bald wird klar, dass zwischen Leon 2019 Donna und Louise eine zauberhafte Verbindung besteht Keine Überraschungen, keine Geheimnisse, keine Erkenntnisse. Dass er durch einen Kuss zu ihrem Schutzgeist more info wird, sieht anfangs nach einem ziemlich schlechten Geschäft aus. Sie gehören zu einem legendären Schutzgeist, der alle Gegenstände, die als Waffe konstruiert wurden, read more und benutzen kann. Trotz etlicher Durchschnittsblödeleien ist Zero no Tsukaima ein Ming-Na Wen Anime, den ich innerhalb von zwei Abenden angesehen habe. Es sind noch weitere Screenshots vorhanden, welche jedoch nur für Premium 8 Deutsch Saw Trailer zugänglich sind. As they come learn more here, Louise is by Derflinger to exchange roles with Saito for a day. The girls go back in the water, but are attacked by a giant octopus that supposedly appears every 30 years. Derflinger calls on Saito to use. Louise rejects all of Saito and Siesta's choices, and becomes further irritated when Siesta reveals she too will be living with. It also contained twelve episodes. Live Vierschanzentournee the battle goes on, a trio of sneaks in to capture Tiffania, but Saito confronts. In this fourth and final season of Gzsz Vorschau series, Saito and Louise feel their bond deepening as the days go on, and they feel it might be time to take the next step in their relationship, but In the aftermath, Longueville claims the staff and this web page herself to have been Fouquet all along; she engineered the scenario to discover how to use the staff. Demon King Daimao Osman click episodes, Saito promises to find whatever the Water Spirit has lost. Meanwhile, Sheffield, uses the Ring of Andavari to contaminate the water system that causes Henrietta's army to start a rebellion. Back in Gallia, Tabitha is asked by her mother to become the new queen both the country and read more father's sake. Wild, adventurous, and explosive, Zero no Tsukaima follows Saito article source he comes to terms with his new life and as Louise proves that there is more to her than her nickname suggests.

They also eventually learn the truth behind Louise's magic inabilities. As Saito's and Louise's friendship grows and they start to work together, they ultimately fall in love with each other.

The Familiar of Zero began as a series of light novels written by Noboru Yamaguchi and illustrated by Eiji Usatsuka under the original title Zero no Tsukaima.

Media Factory published 20 volumes in Japan between June 25, and February 25, Further publication was threatened by Yamaguchi's advanced cancer, [3] which he died from on April 4, , leaving the series unfinished.

Yamaguchi had dictated the remaining plot of the series, including its ending, and entrusted it to the editors. It centers on the adventures of the character Tabitha, Louise's classmate.

Another side story, Kaze no Kishihime , was released in two volumes on October 23, and March 25, It is a prequel about Louise's mother's youth.

It collected various short stories and illustrations previously unpublished in book format, as well as character designs and other information, such as outlines for volumes 21 and 22 left behind by Yamaguchi.

The Familiar of Zero has been adapted into an anime series running for four seasons by the animation studio J.

The first season aired in Japan between July 3 and September 25, , and contained thirteen episodes. In April at Anime Boston , Geneon announced that they had picked up the English dubbing rights of the first season of the anime series under the title The Familiar of Zero.

While Geneon Entertainment still retained the license, Funimation Entertainment assumed exclusive rights to the manufacturing, marketing, sales and distribution of select titles.

The Familiar of Zero was one of several titles involved in the deal. Funimation reported their rights to the series expired in August An original video animation episode for the third season was released on December 24, The fourth and final season titled Zero no Tsukaima F aired twelve episodes between January 7 and March 24, The four anime seasons used two pieces of theme music each; one opening theme and one ending theme.

The first seasons original soundtrack was released on August 23, , and the second seasons' soundtrack was released on August 22, Both the first and second seasons released four character song albums each.

The first CD for the second season is for Louise which is sung by Kugimiya. Two audio dramas were released for the second season. The manga was licensed in North America by Seven Seas Entertainment under the title Zero's Familiar , and released in three omnibus volumes.

A spin-off series, illustrated by Higa Yukari and titled as Zero no Tsukaima Chevalier , was serialized between the March and May issues of Comic Alive [28] [29] and later compiled in four volumes.

Nine volumes of the official anthology manga were published between August 23, and September 23, Three visual novels for the PlayStation 2 were developed by Marvelous Interactive in which the player assumes the role of Saito Hiraga.

The light novels are one of the top selling series in Japan, with 6. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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See also: List of The Familiar of Zero episodes. Retrieved May 25, Anime News Network. Retrieved June 27, When the flurry lets up though, the series lets off the brakes and goes screaming right to Harem-Harem Land.

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Mahoutsukai no Yome Fall Anime. Hatori Chise is only 16, but she has lost far more than most. With neither family nor hope, it seems all doors are closed to her.

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Episodes Seasons. Edit Cast Series cast summary: Rie Kugimiya Louise 13 episodes, Satoshi Hino Saito Hiraga 13 episodes, Nicholas Manelick Guiche 13 episodes, Jonathan Meza Saito Hiraga 13 episodes, Cristina Valenzuela Louise 13 episodes, Kaiji Tang Kirche 11 episodes, Yuka Inokuchi Tabitha 11 episodes, Lauren Landa Kirche 11 episodes, Takahiro Sakurai Guiche 10 episodes, Akiko Kimura Siesta 9 episodes, Mikako Takahashi Siesta 9 episodes, Satomi Arai Osman 7 episodes, Takuma Suzuki Colbert 7 episodes, Taketora Henrietta 6 episodes, Ken Uo Learn more More Like This.

Animation Comedy Drama. Zero no tsukaima F TV Series Animation Action Adventure. Outbreak Company TV Series Shakugan No Shana — TV Series Animation Action Fantasy.

Animation Action Comedy.

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Episodes Seasons. Edit Cast Series cast summary: Rie Kugimiya Louise 13 episodes, Satoshi Hino Saito Hiraga 13 episodes, Nicholas Manelick Guiche 13 episodes, Jonathan Meza Saito Hiraga 13 episodes, Cristina Valenzuela Louise 13 episodes, Kaiji Tang Kirche 11 episodes, Yuka Inokuchi Tabitha 11 episodes, Lauren Landa Kirche 11 episodes, Takahiro Sakurai Guiche 10 episodes, Akiko Kimura Siesta 9 episodes, Mikako Takahashi Siesta 9 episodes, Satomi Arai Osman 7 episodes, Takuma Suzuki Colbert 7 episodes, Taketora Henrietta 6 episodes, Ken Uo Learn more More Like This.

Animation Comedy Drama. Zero no tsukaima F TV Series Animation Action Adventure. Outbreak Company TV Series Shakugan No Shana — TV Series Animation Action Fantasy.

Animation Action Comedy. Demon King Daimao Is This a Zombie? Edit Storyline When Saito, an ordinary teen living in Japan, is suddenly whisked away to the magical kingdom of Halkeginia, he becomes the familiar servant of Louise, a young girl enrolled in an academy for aristocrat magicians.

Edit Did You Know? Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this. Add the first question. Country: Japan. Language: Japanese French English.

Runtime: 24 min. Color: Color. Edit page. Add episode. Clear your history. Louise 13 episodes, Saito Hiraga 13 episodes, Guiche 13 episodes, He defeats Wardes' magic who flees but not before bringing the church down on Louise and Saito.

The two of them are rescued by Tabitha and the others, and Sylphid flies everyone home. Saito, holding Louise in his arms, kisses her.

Louise informs Henrietta of Wales' death, and the princess' wedding is cancelled. Louise also warns Osmond about the Reconquista.

After another argument with Louise, Saito accompanies Siesta to her home village of Talbes to find a dragon. Louise and others follow them and they locate the rare dragon, which Siesta's family has kept as an heirloom.

Saito finds a tombstone with Japanese epitaph on it. Colbert explains that two "dragons" had flown during a solar eclipse , but one disappeared.

He suggests that the timing of the second pilot Siesta's great-grandfather was off, and that the solar eclipse ended before the second pilot was able to fly through the portal.

Saito concludes that the other pilot returned home, and this is his chance to return home as well. As they bring the plane back to school, Albion declares war on Tristain, wanting to use the country as a base from which they can conquer the rest of the continent and plan to launch their attack in three days during the next solar eclipse.

Saito tells Louise that he wants to return home during the upcoming solar eclipse, and he gets angry when she acts as if she doesn't care.

War between Albion and Tristain is deemed inevitable. Henrietta assembles a military force that conscripts the boys from the academy.

Louise walks in on a sleeping Saito whereupon she says goodbye. The next morning, Saito wakes to find a letter in which Louise has written, " You're fired!

Just go wherever you want! Saito gets in his Zero Fighter while Henrietta advances with the Tristain military to intercept the invading Albion force at the village of Talbes.

Instead of flying straight into the eclipse, Saito attacks Albion's dragon squadrons, who are unable to keep up with the plane's speed.

Saito runs out of bullets and is attacked by Wardes on a wind dragon. Louise jumps from Sylphid to Saito's plane.

Tabitha, Kirche, and Guiche together break down Fouquet's golem, and Fouquet flees for good. At the thought of Saito being harmed, Louise finally makes a connection with Saito and unlocks her Void magic for the first time, casting a powerful spell known as 'Explosion' which destroys the entirety of Albion's aerial force, including Wardes.

After the battle, with the solar eclipse past and the Zero Fighter nearly destroyed, Saito and Louise sit by the plane's wreckage where they have an argument once again and end up kissing.

Elsewhere, Cromwell tries to hypnotize Kirche and Tabitha with the Ring of Andavari, but Guiche knocks him unconscious.

Later, the four aristocrats are awarded medals by Henrietta, and Tabitha is given the Water Spirit's ring to fulfill the promise to return it.

Louise is so excited about her medal that she rushes to show it to Saito only to find him chatting with Siesta. In typical fashion, Louise overreacts and punish Saito.

Saito is overjoyed to find himself back in Japan, having returned in the fighter. When he finds that Louise is not with him, Saito realizes that returning without her has no meaning anymore.

The fighter crash and Saito awakens to find that it was all a dream and he is still in Halkeginia.

He hugs Louise, grateful for her presence which embarrasses her. She explains that she's grateful that he stayed behind for her sake, including letting him sleep in her bed.

The next day, she gives Saito a pair of magical glasses whose gems blink whenever he so much as looks at another girl.

She, of course, reacts in typical fashion and punishes him for his indiscretions. Later that day while watching newly-crowned Queen Henrietta parade through the streets of the town, Saito's glasses start blinking and Louise overreacts again leading to Saito's imprisonment as a suspected assassin.

Henrietta meets with Saito in his cell and states that Tristain needs his legendary familiar power. Cromwell has been killed in his cell and someone within Tristain is likely responsible the perpetrator earlier revealed to have obtain the Ring of Andavari which Tabitha was to return to the Water Spirit.

Henrietta then allows Louise rush into his arms and relief that Saito is unhurt. She then tells Saito that she will overlook his indiscretion.

Embarrassed, she retreats momentarily then returns to inform them that Henrietta has been kidnapped. The supposedly dead Wales appears and takes Henrietta to Albion.

He uses his vow from their earlier days to convince her into following him. The Musketeer Force chases Wales, but he repulses them with his magic.

Everyone then confronts Wales at Lagdorian Lake as he combines Henrietta's magic with his. Henrietta refuses to leave Wales' side.

Wales, later revealed to be revived and controlled by Cromwell's Ring of Andavari, is defeated by Louise with a Dispel spell.

Wales is released from the control of the ring and asks Henrietta to make a new vow that she will move on and fall in love with someone else, before dying again.

Colbert's class to train in case of rebellion. Julio challenges Saito to a fight in which the winner gets to kiss Louise. He fights against Julio the next day with wooden swords, but Julio loses to him on purpose which angers Saito.

Later, Henrietta tells them of the approaching war with Albion and their leader, Governor Sheffield.

Louise tries to prove to her family that she isn't the "Zero" anymore but cannot reveal that she is a user of Void.

Meanwhile, Louise looks for Saito, goes into his room, and kisses Siesta, whom she has mistaken for Saito. The next day, when Louise's father forbids her from going into war she gets upset and flees to a children's boat.

Louise's gentle and kind sister, Cattleya, convinces Saito to stay by Louise's side. She doesn't believe him about what happened and beats him again while Siesta tells herself she is the only one for Saito.

Louise's sisters move in and make Saito do all the work. At night, Siesta makes a pass at Saito when Louise shows up, just when Louise is about to strike him with a newer whip an explosion occurs.

A thief has stolen something belonging to Henrietta and Wales from the principal's office and Osmond pinpoints the woman with a magic seal on her chest.

Saito and Julio try to do it secretly, but Louise finds Saito and tries to hurt him again. Then a commotion in Cattleya's room gets their attention.

And when everything is done and over with just because Saito didn't tell Louise what he was ordered to do along with other things that were justifiable she beats him with her new whip out of spite.

Agnes gives Henrietta evidence on a conspirator in Tristain, and devise a secret plan to verify it. Saito and Louise were ordered to be at Scarron's Inn to receive further instructions.

They take their previous positions and costumes back, and are surprised by Julio's appearance. Saito runs into Henrietta who asks him to be her bodyguard as she poses as a commoner when she faked being kidnapped in order to lure out an Albion's spy Louise is left behind since she would just get in the way.

In a theater in town, while Scarron and his girls are in the middle of performing a play, Henrietta, Julio, and the Musketeer Force confront Lishman the traitorous finance minister and his army.

The aftermath proves predictable when Louise smells Henrietta's perfume on Saito, while Saito also asks Louise to what she'd been doing.

Henrietta is pressured to sign a declaration of war against Albion. News of a victorious battle for the Tristain and Germania allied forces reaches a town that Louise and Saito are currently in.

Saito finds a sailor uniform on sale at a clothes merchants shop, but buys it for Siesta instead of Louise.

Eleonore is picked to open the lock to the entrance. As Mr. Colbert and the group heads farther down, they are joined by Siesta, who is wearing the sailor uniform.

Because Louise lacked the chest size to make the uniform look good, Louise blows a part of the cave in the way they came.

With little to do but move further, the group finds the archives and sent to look for the records. The group narrowly escapes the collapsing of the bridge that led them to the archives.

Upon realizing that Louise had blocked their way out, Julio grants Saito permission to have intimate moments with Siesta. She is happy to oblige and then Louise watch and prepares to blow something else up.

When Saito points out that the cave which she blew up earlier is in the opposite direction, Louise tells him to shut up and blows them up.

Sheffield sends hired mercenaries to make a surprise attack on the Magic Academy to take all of the female members of royal families' hostage.

Tabitha noticed it and warns people. The Musketeer Force surrounds the academy but the mercenaries counteracts.

Saito releases Louise, and their friends plan on how they will rescue the hostages as it will take too long for the reinforcements to come from the palace.

It is discovered Benubiro is one of those who attacked D'Angleterre and burnt it to the ground 20 years ago. Colbert and Saito devise a plan to enter into the building to save the hostages.

The team uses their combined magic to enter the building. During the attack, Benubiro recognizes Colbert who is in fact his former captain, Snake of the Flame.

The two begin a heated battle. Colbert in his last moments explains what had occurred on that fateful night. He had been given orders to destroy D'Angleterre as it had been reported to be struck with a deadly plague.

Kirche, Louise, and Saito arrive in time. The plan is to have Louise's Void magic prevent the engaging battle and deaths of innocent people during the crossfire.

Louise accepts, but Saito is reluctant to join because of what he had been told by the late Mr. During the assault, Louise unable to perform her Void magic.

They are attacked by air fighters, and the Zero Fighter is forced to abort the mission then land in a snowfall.

With no news from Louise and Saito, the Queen agrees to send their army head on into battle. Meanwhile, Louise debates how to explain their failure to the Queen while Saito carries her on his back.

That night, they stay in a snow cave. After Saito suggests that they get naked and stay warmth by contact, Louise knocks him unconscious.

Realizing that he may die of hypothermia, Louise unbuttons her shirt and lays across Saito. Saito recalls nothing of that night when he wakes up.

Sheffield learns of a flying dragon made of steel the crash-landed Zero fighter plane and arranges to have it recovered.

Saito and Louise are attacked by an enemy air fighter, but having been injured, he quickly collapses. As the Albion troops arrive to recover the plane and kill the enemy, Henry rejoins them, but doesn't tell them about Louise and Saito who are hiding in the nearby trees.

The two are rescued by Julio on his dragon. Henry hopes to see the two again someday. Henrietta relief the two are okay, but Saito is irritated that Louise still rather attach to her noble status.

Henrietta's forces enter Gothia and claim it as their own. Meanwhile, Louise gets mad at Saito for not understanding her, while Saito thinks the same thing about her.

A while later, Henrietta asks for Louise and Saito to scout the enemy forces. As Louise sees Saito, who is fixing the plane, she asks Julio to do the mission with her instead, as he agrees; Saito comes and is confused with what they are doing.

Filled with fury, Louise orders Julio to go soon and he did. Albion's dragon forces attack them, but they manage to get away.

As they come back, Louise is advised by Derflinger to exchange roles with Saito for a day. Saito unexpectedly meets Siesta and her uncle and cousin whose revealed to be Scarron and Jessica.

The gang discovers Louise in a cat costume; she lies to Saito saying it was for Julio. As Guiche arrive and shows his Medal of Honor for coming back from the dead, no one believed him.

Saito becomes frustrated with Louise about her arrogant ways of being loyal to the Queen. Siesta takes Saito to a room alone and kisses him then gives him a sleeping potion as a gift.

Meanwhile, Sheffield, uses the Ring of Andavari to contaminate the water system that causes Henrietta's army to start a rebellion.

They soon attack Henrietta, which causes the death of Henrietta's general, Porche. Saito rescues Louise from the rebellion.

Later, Louise is secretly approached by Henrietta's advisor Mazarin and asked to use her Void magic to hold the enemy off while the Queen and everybody prepare their evacuation; she accepts.

Knowing it's a suicide mission since Albion has assembled an army of 70,, Louise plans to send Saito away to safety, but first expresses her desire to marry.

They both buy two magical flowers. Knowing of Louise's plan, Saito uses the sleeping potion on her after they wed. Louise passes out before she can tell him that she still and has always loved him, and Saito entrusts her to Julio, asking him to take care of her as he takes her place and opposes Albion's advancing troops.

Despite his valiant efforts, Saito eventually falls on the battlefield and dies as all the Tristain ships, including the ones which Louise and Henrietta are on, safely escape.

Back at the Tristain academy, everyone mourns the loss of their hero - Saito. Louise has collapsed in grief at Saito's death; however, suddenly the magical flower that is connected to Saito comes back to life.

Louise runs out and meets Saito, who is very much alive and tells her that a Fairy saved and revived him. However, when he mentions that the Fairy had huge breasts, Louise flies into a jealous rage and shoots explosion spells at Saito once again.

Saito has been revived, but his runes have faded away. Louise is worried since Saito is now no longer her familiar. On the journey, the three are attacked by Sheffield, who is revealed to be the familiar of a Void mage.

At the castle, Henrietta gives Saito a document that would make him a chevalier and effectively a noble. He remembers the name of the Elf who saved him: Tiffania , and Derflinger tells them where to find her.

That night, while worrying about recent events, Louise finds Saito on the balcony. She tells him that she is afraid he will leave again, especially with the disappearance of the runes.

He reassures he will not leave despite the absence of their contract. However, when he tries to make out with her, she blows him up.

The next day, having demoted him from the status of "dog" to that of "flea", Louise makes Saito run after the carriage on foot.

Louise gets into another fight with Saito and walks off. The next day, they find Tiffania, who is happy to see Saito again but whose chest size shocks Louise and Siesta.

Later that night at Tiffania's hut when Saito tries to clear up a misunderstanding, Louise runs off and Siesta follows, but they are attacked by Sheffield, who summons Fenrir wolves.

Louise loses her wand and Siesta tries to help but is knocked down. Louise's magic isn't strong enough; out of desperation, she performs the summoning, and Saito surprisingly appears again, forcing Sheffield to retreat.

Saito and Louise are about to share an intimate moment until Siesta interrupts. Sheffield reports to her master, Joseph.

Tiffania travels back to Tristain with the group. While introducing herself to the Queen, she is asked to remove her hat, revealing her elf heritage with her long pointed elf ears.

Although elves are shunned by human society, Tiffania explains that she is in fact a half-elf: her mother was an elf who died years earlier and her father was the Archduke of Albion.

Henrietta shows compassion for Tiffania. They discuss Sheffield's comment about other Void mages. Henrietta offers to knight Saito again and he accepts.

Siesta then announces she is Saito's personal maid by order of the Queen, much to Louise's frustration. Tiffania is also revealed to be cousins with Henrietta, and she decides to stay at the castle until she figures out what she wants to do.

Saito, Louise, and Siesta return to the academy to a big celebration. Guiche is now the captain of the student corps known as The Knights of Ordine, and has appointed Saito their vice-captain.

Reynald, Malicorne, and the Ordine knights carry Saito away. Since returning to the Academy, Saito and Louise have spent less quality time together since he has been busy training with the Knights of Ordine.

Tiffania shows up as a transfer student, who attracts attention from the boys and arouses jealousy not only from Louise but also from a noble student named Beatrice , who later bullies Tiffania until Saito and Guiche intervene.

The next day, Tiffania unveils her elf heritage in front of a class, and Beatrice uses her religious authority to put Tiffania through an interrogation where she will be punished by being placed into a cauldron of boiling water.

Saito tries to intervene, but after Guiche warns him that his actions would put his beloved in danger, Saito begs Beatrice for mercy.

When she refuses, Saito draws his sword; he and the Ordine knights fight Beatrice's knights until Louise, who was having a pleasant dream about Saito, ends the conflict with a giant explosion.

She then clarifies that Beatrice has no real authority to conduct the trial. When her sycophantic followers desert her, Beatrice is utterly crushed, but Tiffania forgives her.

Visiting Saito in the infirmary, Tiffania asks him to check her breasts to see if they are real or fake, but Louise and Siesta show up in time to witness this, with a typical reaction from Louise.

Saito is ordered to sign a confession that states he took advantage of Tiffania in the infirmary and promises to never touch anyone else's breasts; he refuses and insists that Tiffania asked him first.

As the girls thank the boys by showering them with gifts, Guiche, Gimili, Reynald, and Malicorne try to cheer Saito up by having Verdandi dig a peephole to the girls' bath.

They observe as Tiffania confirms to Louise that she asked Saito to check her, and Louise worries about her response, but denies they are lovers.

The hole is noticed and the girls swiftly find and punish the boys, except for Saito who escapes thanks to Tabitha, who then passes out.

A band of magical dolls arrive and dance in a formal ball, as they do every night they remind Saito of his first dance with Louise , and Louise shows up.

She asks Saito if he peeped, and Saito admits it but only because the boys dragged him. They reconcile and embrace until Tabitha wakes up naked.

Louise then forces him to sign the paper again. Scarron and Jessica encourage Siesta to try harder to win Saito's heart and give her a love dust potion.

Louise drags a tied-up Saito to her room; Siesta argues with Louise that she can treat Saito better, and negotiates for one hour for that purpose.

At Siesta's room, she tells Saito they get to act like newlyweds, but Saito is too conscious of the situation and asks for food.

After failing to seduce Saito with the naked apron, Siesta attempts to try out the potion but accidentally drops it on Montmorency, who inhales it and falls in love with Louise who was nearby.

This time the potion's effects are spread by kissing: Montmorency and Louise affect Jessica, Beatrice, and Scarron.

They go after Tiffania, but she casts a Memory spell to wipe their memories and restores them. Montmorency forgives Siesta for causing the mess.

Later, Tabitha receives a special mission; as she heads out with Sylphid, Sheffield flies alongside and tells her if she does well on the mission she can cure her mother.

Siesta continues to annoy Louise, but proposes to stop if Saito can locate Louise at the Sleipnir Ball, a party where the participants disguise themselves as their ideal person by using the Mirror of Truth.

The night of the ball, Louise transforms into Cattleya, while her classmates pick knights, Beatrice and her friends chose Tiffania; Guiche chooses himself.

On the way to the ball, Saito sees a dark shape that flies overhead. He finds "Louise" at the balcony and after some confusion over his "continue where they left off" remark, they embrace and kiss.

Meanwhile, Sheffield disrupts the party and the mirror is shattered. Saito discovers he is holding Henrietta; who chose Louise as her role model, the two almost kiss again before Louise sees them and runs away in tears.

Saito chases her, but is stopped by Tabitha, who, allied with Sheffield, attacks him. Louise is confronted by Sheffeld and allows herself to be hypnotized.

Saito eventually defeats Tabitha, but spares her life. He frees Louise from Sheffield's spell, but Louise's anger causes her to fall.

Saito eases Louise with a kiss but are surrounded by enemy gargoyles. Suddenly a wave of fire magic from the large dragon shape saves them: an airship with Kirche and a living Mr.

Colbert, and Sheffield and Tabitha flee. Colbert is alive; he had faked his death thanks to Tabitha. Using knowledge from the Zero Fighter he constructed the airship called "Ostland" with an advanced coal-burning steam engine and invites everyone on it.

Saito worries on what to say about Tabitha. Louise is also still suspicious about what she witnessed between Henrietta and Saito and enlists the help of Siesta and Tiffania to capture Saito and find out the truth by using a magic item that will reflect what happened the previous night.

Pursued across the ship under the mistaken impression the magic item will strip him naked , Saito hides into the boiler room, which reminds him of his world.

Saito is finally cornered by the increasingly desperate trio, but instead the magic item reveals Tabitha's involvement in the previous night's escapade.

Kirche reveals Tabitha's past to everyone, and deduces that it was King Joseph of Gallia who was trying to abduct Louise. Saito and Henrietta have difficulty meeting one another throughout the event, but the affair concludes with Louise's resolution to trust Saito, while Siesta remains concerned.

Meanwhile, Tabitha returns to her family home to find it wrecked and her mother missing. A mysterious person calling himself Bidashal easily defeats her and Sylphid and takes her prisoner.

The Ondine Knights are searching for evidence regarding Tabitha when a nude girl drops from the sky onto Malicorne and then hugs Saito; Louise reacts to this by kicking Saito in the groin.

The girl, who calls herself Illococoo , talks about saving her older sister, referring to be Tabitha. Illococoo describes how Tabitha has been arrested as a traitor and stripped of her chevalier title, and how Tabitha's ill mother was also arrested.

When Illococoo asks for help, Malicorne and Saito volunteer promptly, but the others doubt her status as Tabitha's younger sister Tabitha is rather flat-chested and Illococoo has large breasts.

Illococoo thinks about obtaining proof and rushes out the door. The Ondine Knights rush out as well, only to find that Illococoo has vanished.

Almost immediately, Sylphid appears and testifies for Illococoo. Saito, Guiche, Malicorne, and Louise go to Henrietta to ask for permission to go to Gallia and rescue Tabitha, but she denies their request on the grounds that as her personal knights, if Tabitha is rescued by the Ondine Knights while she is still considered a criminal the rescue could be perceived as an act of aggression on Tristain's part.

In response, Saito, Guiche and Malicorne resign as knights in order not to implicate Tristain, and Henrietta responds by having them arrested.

Illococoo warns the others about their impending arrest. Louise confronts Henrietta and asks her what she thinks of Saito Louise declares she will help Tabitha as she renounces her nobility, and Henrietta has no choice but to arrest her too, although Saito is overjoyed Louise did something selfless for once.

After trying, unsuccessfully, to dig their way out of the prison with spoons, the four prisoners are rescued by Kirche and Colbert.

Derflinger forces Illococoo to reveal that she is really Sylphid, a nature dragon that can assume human form, much to Malicorne's dismay. In Gallia, Tabitha is reunited with her mother and told by Bidashal Vitartial, an Elf working for King Joseph, that she will be made to drink the same potion that destroyed her mother's mind.

Saito and company take refugee in the Charming Fairy Inn while the search for them continues. A plan is hatched to use the Ostland to fly towards Germania as a decoy while everybody else goes across the Gallia border directly.

Scarron provides disguises for them, while Colbert, Siesta, Gimili and Reynard proceed to liberate the Ostland.

Siesta shows doubts at first of not having any powers, but is encouraged by Saito that she could still help. She hugs him, so Louise kicks him in the groin from behind again.

In Gallia, Joseph and Sheffield uncover a massive object, which Joseph calls Jormungand, covered with pulsing veins with a single large eye.

Posing as a traveling circus, Saito and company cross the border while Louise broods over no longer being an aristocrat, realizing she only has Saito left.

Back at the castle, using Siesta as a distraction, Gimili and Reynard take out two guards and they board the Ostland, after dispatching two more groups of guards.

Colbert quickly fires up the Ostland, eventually ripping it free of the chains. Louise sprains her ankle and Saito tells her to rely on him, carrying her on his back.

She wonders how Saito can be so strong, despite being alone in this world. Saito and the gang arrive in Gallia as Tabitha, sitting by her unconscious mother's bedside, begins to lose hope.

Using her "persuasion" talents, Kirche discovers that Tabitha is being held in Alhambra Castle. Upon arriving there, the gang decide upon a plan of attack.

Under the pretext of having a stage show, they have the soldiers drink alcohol laced with sleeping potion.

Kirche reveals that she knows the Louise is a Void mage, apologizes for her past behavior and invites her over to Germania.

Later on, Derflinger advises Saito to say something kind to her, saying that Void magic is dependent on emotional strength.

Saito decides to do so, and finds her posing in front of a mirror in a dancing costume. Louise begins to tempt Saito and he pushes her onto the bed, but they are interrupted by Guiche.

Back in Alhambra, the local Baron wants Louise to attend to him personally, and she agrees, planning to drug his wine, but the sleeping potion has slipped out of her slightly too-large dancing top.

Saito and Tiffania find the bottle and go to rescue Louise, Tiffania using her Memory spell to wipe the Baron's memories.

Having drugged all the soldiers, they encounter Bidashal, who easily stops their attacks using Counter. Derflinger tells Louise to cast Dispel on him, which she does, allowing Saito to break through Bidashal's Counter.

Tiffania stops Saito from killing Bidashal, who tells them where Tabitha is and lets them go, warning them that Joseph is a cold-blooded man and that it won't end there.

At her mother's bedside, Tabitha is awakened by Illococoo and Saito, and cries in joy upon seeing the gang, as Sheffield spies on them.

As the reunited gang makes their way through a forest back to Tristain, Louise has a nightmare in which she loses the ability to cast magic; waking up, she finds that her nightmare has come true.

Saito finds Tabitha reading a book Bidashal had given her, and she begins to teach him how to read this world's language, but Louise interrupts, telling Saito that she can no longer use magic.

Tabitha says that she will protect Saito since Louise is unable to do so. Saito, under Tabitha's guidance, learns to read quickly, while Louise broods over her inability to cast magic.

Just before crossing the border, the Jormungand, a Square-class golem with Sheffield on its shoulder, lands in front of the carriage, blocking off the route into Tristan.

Illococoo changed back into Sylphid, and she and Tabitha launch into the air in order to lure Sheffield away.

Saito realizes her objective is Louise, but Louise jumps out of the carriage and is captured.

Guiche, Kirche and Tabitha's attacks prove ineffective against the golem. Louise decides to sacrifice herself for her friends.

Saito leaps to attack the golem again, releasing Louise, and Slyphid saves them in time. Colbert has unloaded the cannon, which Saito examines using his powers.

He quickly fires at the golem, but is stopped by Counter. Colbert, Kirche and Malicorne unleash their most powerful spells and manage to stop its advance.

Derflinger tells Saito that Dispel needs to be cast onto the missile, but Louise keeps saying that she can't do it.

Tabitha then kisses Saito, causing feelings of intense jealousy to erupt in Louise and activating her Void powers again. Louise casts Dispel on the cannon shell, which successfully pierces the Counter and destroys the golem.

Aboard the Ostland, Louise awakens to see Saito; he hugs her, saying he genuinely does love her. They look at each other and kiss. Back in Tristain, Louise kneels before the Queen, awaiting punishment for defying her.

Instead, Henrietta awards her the royal mantle, declaring that Louise is now her sister and second successor to the throne; she also returns to Saito, Malicorne and Guiche their chevalier cloak, reinstating their noble status.

She then welcomes Tabitha as Princess Charlotte back to Tristain. The ending credits show Louise trying to explode Saito when she sees Tabitha holding onto him, but Sylphid grabs Saito and escapes with him and Tabitha.

Saito and Osmond examine a wooden chest, the contents of which Saito recognizes as having come from his world.

Osmond asks the girls to put on the "traditional uniforms for the ritual for the spirit of water" which are the items from the chest.

The girls change into these "uniforms" revealed as one piece swimsuits , then bikinis as they perform the "rituals" of splashing each other and smashing watermelons.

The final "ritual" is a beach volleyball tournament where the winners will wear the "true Priestess' garments"; the boys bend the rules so that Tiffania's team advances.

That night, after Saito obliviously stands Louise up for a nighttime beach walk, she discovers the boys' and Osmond's plan of tricking the girls into wearing extremely skimpy seashell and starfish bikinis.

The next morning, Montmorency excuses the girls for not showing up due to leg cramps and sunburn , but tells Saito that Louise wants to meet with him at a secluded part of the beach.

Saito arrives, but is ambushed by the girls. The other guys and Osmond are ambushed in similar fashion, and as a result they are made to wear the skimpy garments while tied to rocks in the rising tide.

The girls go back in the water, but are attacked by a giant octopus that supposedly appears every 30 years. Saito breaks free and rescues the girls.

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